Who is Constantin Potorac?

Constantin Potorac is a 25 years young ;) graphic designer from the north-eastern parts of Romania. Constantin first came in contact with the industry while studying Architecture in High school although he did it through the internet and not at school as Constantin Potorac is a self taught designer. All the sleepless nights and hard work during the years lead the artist to a great passion for illustrations, graphics, photo manipulation, UI and all about art.

Constantin is mostly autodidact in his field and the works he provides can speak for themselves. It is obvious the artist is able to work on plenty styles of work as long as he loves what he does. The main thing that characterizes Constantin is the attention to details he is obsessed with while creating his works and ability to communicate with clients to solve projects in time and with high quality results.

What is this website about?

This is the personal Digital Showcase of Constantin Potorac where the artist posts his latest works with full links for purchasing his available products. To stay updated with the work of Constantin this is the perfect place to visit constantly as he keeps submitting new stuff all the time.

How to stay up to date?

Staying up to date with the artists works you can visit the Blog section of the website where the artist provides updates on latest works and upcoming projects. Also to make it even easier you can easily subscribe to the RSS by clicking the RSS text or by clicking the RSS icon at the bottom of the page.

So what is the blog actually about?

The blog section of the website is the place where Constantin Potorac will provide updates on his works but also the place where the artist keeps his most precious thoughts, inspiration, ideas on so it is definitely a place to check out frequently.

Can we leave comments on the Blog?

Sure thing you can leave as many comments and ask as many questions as you like. The comments will be managed by the server admin. The comments need to be clean and non abusive as they might not get through if these rules are stepped on. Do not use offensive language and do not say to others what you would not like others to say to you.

Is Constantin working all alone?

No, actually because Constantin has a strong idea that collaborating with other artists can result in more unique designs he actually works along with a couple of designers. Currently Dan Modoranu and Negreu Andreas have no personal portfolio to link to but the links will be provided as soon as their websites are up and running.

Is Constantin Potorac available for freelance work and how can we contact him?

Yes Constantin is available for freelance work and he can be contacted by visiting the CONTACT page situated at the top of the website.


E: hello (at) constantinpotorac.com

E: constantinpotorac (at) @gmail.com


Know more about Constantin through the interview below.

Meet the Staff: Constantin Potorac

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