Stellar Business Card
Stellar Business Card
Stellar Business Card

Stellar Business Card created 16 February 2011

Simple idea with an interesting concept and feel.

This is a futuristic business card that will surely impress your clients. Let them know you love colors.

The package contains:

2 PSD files with front and back sides each. The files colorful borders too in case you decide to use them in your card. They are set so that there will not be any issues with the printing. Cut and bleed guidelines are set as needed.

The great thing is that all edits can be done from within the PSD file. Change elements or colors with only one click.

Cut and Bleed guidelines are included to help you cut them easily.

The sizes are:


with the Guidelines and


without the Guidelines

You like the item and feel like downloading it? Lucky you as it is available right now. DOWNLOAD HERE

Stellar Business Card

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